Star Wars Retro Collection 3.75" Action Figures Mandalorian Obi-Wan Kenobi waves...

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Thanks for looking at the listing.  

Please read the following carefully about the Mandalorian Beskar Armor and Boba Fett Morak figures on the listing:-

It is well known that Hasbro have had issues with card veining and card bends on the retro line due to the card stock they have used and the way they have packed the items.

On this listing I have separated out the Mandalorian Beskar Armor into a 'good' grade (these are very scarce in the Hasbro cases) and 'light card veins'.  Both versions present well but light card veins (and also light bends) are more plentiful and are therefore less expensive.  I have uploaded photos of what to expect if you order the version you want.  Please note even 'good' is not what I would refer as 'mint/perfect/near mint' it is just that there are far fewer obvious imperfections on the card.  Please also note the uploaded photos are for reference to give you an example of what you would receive.

Similarly I have some Boba Fett Morak cards with veins and light bends - again some people would just post these out I try to be as 'upfront' as possible.

If an item is listed as new that means the box is in good to very good condition (so there may be minor box or card imperfections for example light card veining/edge creasing) but we do not sell as 'mint' as this subjective. Please note that there was a Hasbro issue around veining and some creasing on the retro cards and we are trying to send the best we have but we did to make buyers aware that veining and creases are a known issue.

Thanks again for looking.